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Ian and Anne Hope and all at Hope Homes would like to thank everyone for their support during the 6 years Hope Homes designed, built and marketed Knockroon.  We are proud of what we achieved there but we will now be concentrating on our other developments such as Ladywell, Fisherton.  See hopehomes.co.uk for our latest news.

The following is a joint statement issued by The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation, The Great Steward of Scotland’s Dumfries House Trust and Hope Homes.

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The Great Steward of Scotland’s Dumfries House Trust
The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation


The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation (PWCF) and The Great Steward of Scotland's Dumfries House Trust are delighted to announce a new ownership and project structure for the Knockroon housing development. This follows the successful completion of the first phase of building and the creation of a small but thriving community.

As part of the restructured operation, PWCF will be transferring the ownership of the land at Knockroon to Dumfries House Trust by way of a grant. This simplifies and streamlines the ownership and oversight of the project, ensures the integration of activities between Knockroon and Dumfries House, and enhances the benefits to the local community.

The next phase of the project will now be delivered by a new company established under Dumfries House Trust, called the Dumfries House Development and Training Company (DHDTC).

DHDTC will integrate the development into the broader activities of Dumfries House, especially in the area of local skills training, apprenticeships and traditional manufacturing. They will continue and expand local employment opportunities as part of this change.

DHDTC will build on the success of Hope Homes, who have played a major part in making the original vision for this sustainable development a reality.

Alongside their work at Knockroon, Hope Homes also helped to deliver many projects on the Dumfries House Estate itself, acting as lead contractor and builder on an array of projects over the years.

PWCF would like to thank Ian and Anne Hope in particular, who had the courage, skills and dedication to take on this project 6 years ago.

Ian Hope said "We are extremely proud to have been involved in such an important and original development. The success of creating a truly sustainable community, using traditional architecture and building techniques, is testament to the inspiration and foresight of the Prince of Wales and his Foundation for Building Community, and we are delighted to have been instrumental in realising this vision.

We are sorry to be leaving the development, but delighted that the new structure will allow for further community benefits. The concepts and techniques demonstrated at Knockroon will be an inspiration for our future developments elsewhere."

For more information about Dumfries House visit www.dumfries-house.org.uk.